Masters Flynn and Zhang

About SaberKids.com and Saber Sessions:

SaberKids is run by Thrills and Skills, an events and action community developer especially known around the world for the famous, original lightsaber stage combat club in the world, New York Jedi. The popularity of the group was so vast, it launched the international light saber forum SaberWars.com and inspired thousands around the world to start their own saber clubs. The demand for Kids sessions was again so great a demand, SaberKids.com was then born in June of 2013.

With media coverage ranging over 8 years from The New York Times, The Today Show, Wired Magazine, & more, and being recommended by Social Websites like MommyPoppins.com and Yahoo News, Thrills and Skills is responsible for reaching well over 32 countries around the world with the knowledge, fun, and community it has created that shares a common love for the default tool of a hero – the sword. Ours just happen to glow.

149475_585143671510975_259746061_nYour instructors have a combed experience that rounds more than 30 years of teaching martial arts, dance, scene acting, choreography, event production, and children’s events.  If you have any concerns about the Saber Sessions we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us. (link in the above menu)